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Ms. DeWald

Jean answers
your questions about
other areas of the law.

Q: Do you practice other kinds of law?

A: I do not litigate (go to trial in) cases where there are highly contentious issues at stake. Providing proper repesentation in these cases requires the resources of a litigator. I can help you find such a lawyer, or serve as a sounding-board while you are choosing one yourself, but I won't accept a case for which I don't have the resources to provide proper representation. Common examples of these are: contested cases of child custody, contested felonies, personal injury actions and consumer protection cases. Along those same lines, I do not represent clients on a contingency basis, that is, I do not accept a percentage portion of a future settlement or award as payment.

Q: Will you get me out of jail?

A: Yes, assuming that's possible, and I will represent you in a plea bargain negotiation for a misdemeanor or DUI. Please see my criminal law fee schedule for more details.

Q: Will you just listen to my legal problem and tell me what you think?

A: Yes, paid by cash or credit card in advance, you can confidentially discuss a legal problem with me in a single session lasting 30 minutes for $20. That session can be extended to 90 minutes for $50 (i.e., $30 more for another hour in the same session). Please call for an appointment. Telephone conferences can also be arranged.