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Ms. DeWald

Jean DeWald practices law in Dallas, Texas.  In the long tradition of independant lawyers in the United States, Ms. DeWald personally does everything from appearing in court to emptying the trash in her office. At The Law Office of Jean DeWald you'll never face a buffer-zone of faceless receptionists and paralegals. Jean answers the phone, drafts all documents and makes all court appearances personally.

Because of the personal level of involvement in her practice, Ms. DeWald offers a unique experience for her clients--a disappearing relationship in these days of huge, corporate, law firms. When you have Jean DeWald as your lawyer, she's your lawyer. You have personal legal Counsel of the type that is typically only available to the wealthy and/or powerfully-connected.

However, it is important for new clients to understand that because she provides this personal one-to-one relationship for her clients, Ms. DeWald doesn't have an army of paralegals doing collections or a battery of accountants keeping her books. Any time or expense spent on billing or accounting would be taken away from providing legal counsel to her clients, so she respectfully regrets that she cannot provide legal services without her fees being paid in full beforehand. She is happy to assist with a referral to another lawyer if this requirement does not meet your needs.